What is Affiliate Marketing? Top Spy Tools Used for Spying Affiliate Offers

Affiliate marketing is one of the best strategies to achieve success online. It is nothing but a tactic that helps you gain commissions when you sell products or recommend services on behalf of a merchant. It can help both parties earn income and generate sales. In this article, let us discuss the top spy tools that will help you to find the best affiliate offers. Before we dig deep, check out our exclusive AdSpy Coupon here! Make use of our limited time coupon code AFF75 and get an off on AdSpy upto $75

Top Affiliate Marketing Spy Tools 2024 + AdSpy Coupon

The best way to attain success in affiliate marketing is to use the best affiliate spy tools to see the affiliate networks used by your competitors. By monitoring competitors’ affiliate marketing methods, you can quickly learn more about the market and benefit from your marketing promotion.

Here are the topmost super affiliate spy tools in 2024. Also grab our incredible $75 AdSpy Coupon Code, as the offer is valid only for a limited time. Apply code ADSPY75.

  • AdSpy
  • AdPlexity
  • BigSpy
  • AdBeat

AdSpy & AdSpy Coupon

AdSpy & AdSpy Coupon

AdSpy is the most effective tool to spy on the best affiliate offers available in the market. It has the largest database that contains more than 94 million ads, providing access to more than 15 million advertisers across 205 countries. Want to get access to AdSpy? Claim our exclusive $150 AdSpy Working Code today! Hurry up and grab the code MEGADSPY immediately!

AdSpy helps you to discover the top affiliate offers through its extensive search functionality. Using this tool, you can easily search for offers via affiliate ID and affiliate network. Additionally, you can also look for a successful ad campaign in different categories utilizing diverse search criteria or metrics. Thus it is one of the best spy tools and used by several affiliate marketers around the world. AdSpy is more affordable as it costs $149 per month which is cheaper compared to many other affiliate spy tools. So without any further delay, grab our exclusive AdSpy Coupon to enjoy more savings.



AdPlexity is another affiliate marketing spy tool, that helps you find profitable campaigns and supports multiple traffic sources. It serves as an essential tool for affiliate marketers as it offers several benefits to them. AdPlexity contains more than 700k ad creatives in 31 countries. It has got access to more than 100 networks and you can easily find any detail about your competitors.

Besides, you can monitor and download promo materials (banners and landing pages) from the most popular ad networks. Adplexity lets you filter by keyword, advertiser, publisher, and affiliate network. Once you’ve got your results you can further analyze the campaigns by filtering by when and what times of the week is the campaign performing best, is it on mobile or desktop, and also which traffic source and what placements send the most traffic. It is priced between $149-$249 per month depending on the type of ad network.


BigSpy is an effective affiliate marketing spy tool surpassing a large amount of a competitor’s ad material data. It currently monitors six social platforms, including Facebook, and 10 affiliate networks. BigSpy supports searching for competitors’ ads through affiliate id and offers id. Using BigSpy, you can easily spy on the winning affiliate ads making it easier for you to always achieve the goals you’re setting in your advertising strategy.

It shows up ads that are only from your favorite affiliate networks. Hence getting your desired results using BigSpy becomes very easy. BigSpy costs between $9 – $399 per month. It is a really great tool that a lot of lemonade affiliates use to get inspired to have great performance Facebook ads campaigns with CPA offers.


AdBeat is a competitive intelligence tool for advertisers, agencies, affiliates, and ad networks, which provides insight into competitors’ ad copy, landing pages, and more. It is an impressive platform for spying affiliate ads and extremely useful for spying on your competitors’ campaigns. AdBeat includes access to data from 120 ad networks in 20 countries, across 4 device types, and can display ad data from Desktop, Mobile, Native, and Pre-roll ads.

AdBeat costs between $249-$399 per month and covers a large number of ad networks. Its easy-to-use interface shows you where your competitors buy the most traffic from. You can use this information to spend your budget more effectively by using publishers with proven track records of success.


Thus affiliate marketing spy tools are necessary for every affiliate to stay on top of the competition. They help you research the market as well as customer needs and preferences rather than serve as a menu to reuse ready-made creatives. Among the top affiliate spy tools, we recommend AdSpy as it could offer you a lot of benefits. So take advantage of the incredible AdSpy Free Trial today. Apply code AFFSAVE & start playing around the tool for free!